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NIA Jaipur – Ayurveda Day 2023 Activities

Ayurveda For Farmers


Ayurveda is a traditional form of medicine that focuses on holistic balance and on mind-body wellness. It is fed by multiple texts that are more than 2,000 years old. The first step to understanding the relationship between Ayurveda and Farmers is drawing attention to our growth of herbal medicine sector and its cultivation. Farmers are a back bone of country and they need to establish on grounds on Ayurveda also for their good health and good economic value. For the 8th Ayurveda the Ministry of Ayush intends to explore potential of Ayurveda in promoting wellbeing of not only human being but also the wellbeing of environment, plants animals etc with the addition of focusing on Farmer’s also.. Therefore, the theme chosen is “Ayurveda for One Health”. The theme is in alignment with the theme of India’s G20 Presidency ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, and the focal theme for Ayurveda day-2023 has been decided as ‘Ayurveda for One Health’ with Tag line ‘Ayurveda for everyone on every day’ i.e., ‘ Har din har kisi ke liye Ayurveda’ focusing on human-animal-plant-environment interface.” The theme has been selected with focus on promoting Agro-Ayurveda, promoting health by empowering and encouraging farmers for self-participation, and enthusing for harnessing potential of Ayurveda. Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of most countries and in the lives of local populations, since it provides stable jobs and a steady income to many families. Yet agricultural workers are also exposed to several health hazards like lack of nutrition, joint problems, mental health etc. as a result of their professional activities, including ultraviolet radiation; exhaust toxicity; inhalation of organic dust from spores and minerals when handling feed; exposure to microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and infectious parasites, and their toxic products; as well as pesticides, which are among the greatest potential hazards to the health of agricultural workers.  Kishan Raksha Kit basically helps to prevents/ treat all these health issues of farmers.

Distribution of Kishan Raksha Kit To address the problems of Kishan

Farming being a physically laborious occupation, inevitably places farm workers at potential risk of musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip and knee, low back pain (LBP), neck and upper limb complaints. Complaints of musculoskeletal pain and/or discomfort are associated with physical disability, and severely affect the health-related quality of life. By considering these health issues a group of medicine/OTC medicine may be distributed to farmers called as Kishan Raksha Kit with exercise booklet.*

  1. Sensitization/ awareness programme for farmers to harvest / cultivate medicinal plants like Ashwagandha, Haridra etc. in day to day practice.
  2. Startups for Herbals/ medicinal plants produce or storage to be supported by MOA through schemes in PPP mode wherein infrastructure would be provided by Gram Panchayat/ State Govt. and other required paraphernalia by MOA.
  3. Startups for adoption of Village produce by National institutes- many of the NIS like NIA, CCRAs adopted villages to promote and growth. The production of villages like creals, pulses etc could be use NIS in their kitchen and stalls. It would helps the concept like producers to users or growers to Kitchen/ Stall.

*  Kishan Raksha Kit (Each kit for 10 days use)

Contents – Ojaswini Churna – 50 gm, Chyvanprasha Avaleha 100 gm, Sanjeevani Vati 20 tablets each 125 mg, Mahanarayan Taila 100 ml, Yograj Guggulu 40 tablets each 500 mg, Jatyadi Taila 50 ml –